As I’m sure all of you know by now, the FBI has not recommended to press charges on Hillary Clinton yet again and while this is a sad thing for the justice system, it could play into Donald Trump’s favor.

It took the FBI nearly 12 months to investigate 33,000 emails and only a couple of days to investigate 650,000. That does not sound like due-diligence to me. That reeks of corruption and purposely not trying to find anything.

The only reason Hillary Clinton got off in the first place is because she bought the FBI including James Comey and came out scott-free, and seeing the aftermath of the now second investigation into Hillary Clinton yielding no results shows just how corrupt the system is.

Donald Trump has been running on his slogan Drain the Swamp and that is exactly what people will see now that Hillary is somehow above the law.

Bill Mitchell


The FBI “clearing Hillary” so quickly will have the opposite effect Dems desire. It reeks of corruption at the highest levels. Helps Trump.

Hillary Clinton can’t afford to not win the election because she knows that as soon as she loses to Donald Trump she will be sent to jail. Her friends in high places like Obama and James Comey will be gone, along with all of the other corrupt politicians that have been working to kill the great democracy this country once was.

Hillary Clinton is a symbol of this corruption and is the embodiment of political corruption. She can’t be allowed anywhere near the White House because she will turn the mess that Obama has left this country in into something even worse.

Hillary Clinton must be stopped and the only way to do that is for Donald Trump to beat her at the polls. We all know she is trying to rig the election and that’s why it’s even more important for us to help expose these things.

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