You Will NOT BELIEVE Who Financed Manchester Bombing

VIA| The Manchester terrorist used financial aid and student loans to bankroll his terrorist plot.

Salman Abedi received thousands of dollars in taxpayer-funded college financial aid to attend Salford University, but appeared to be spending most of that money financing his evil plan.

He was given $9,000 from the Student Loans Company in October 2016 and another $9,000 one year later, even though he actually had dropped out of school by then.

It’s possible that Salford University should have told the publicly funded Student Loans Company that Abedi was no longer a student, but failed to do so, The Telegraphreports.

David Videcette, a former Metropolitan police detective who worked on the 7/7 London bombing investigation, said of the student loans’ system: “It is an easy way for a terrorist to move forward and finance their activities at the expense of the taxpayer.

“All you have got to do is get yourself into university and then off you go. Often they have go no intention of turning up.”

Professor Anthony Glees, director of Buckingham University’s Centre for Security and Intelligence Studies, said: “The British system makes funds readily available to jihadist students without checks on them. There needs to be an inquiry into this.”


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