Ivanka Gets Booed During Meeting In Germany… Look How She Responds, This Is Class


This week, Ivanka Trump spoke with Angela Merkel at the Women’s 20 Summit in Berlin. According to reports, the first daughter was met by a crowd of angry German women, who ended up ‘booing’ Ivanka when she mentioned her father.

“The German audience is not that familiar with the concept of a first daughter,” Merkel asked in the interview. “I’d like to ask you, what is your role, and who are you representing, your father as president of the United States, the American people, or your business?”

“Certainly not the latter,” Ivanka answered, before noting that her goals are to enact “incremental positive change” and to “empowering women in the workplace.”

Even as hostilities escalated, Ivanka kept her poise and grace.

“I know from personal experience…I think the thousands of women who have worked with and for my father for decades when he was in the private sector are a testament to his belief and conviction in the potential of women,” she told the audience, above ‘boos’ from the crowd.

“He encouraged me and enabled me to thrive. I grew up in a house where there was no barrier to what I could accomplish beyond my own perseverance and my own tenacity,” Ivanka concluded. “There was no difference for me and my brothers.”


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