Compare Jaguar vs Alligator Fight who will win ? check the video !!

Jaguar Vs Alligator, Fights are very much popular among all the wild animals, few are very popular whereas few are not yet been noticed. This post is about a fight that is of Jaguar and Alligator but first of all we will check out the information about both the animals. Jaguar is another big cat species after lion and tiger that come under Panthera genus. After tiger and lion Jaguar is the third largest cat in the western hemisphere.
Jaguar is quite similar to leopard by physical appearance but Jaguar is much larger than the Leopard. Like all other animals female jaguars are 10-20% smaller than the male jaguars. Jaguar’s average weight is between 56–96 kg whereas the heaviest Jaguar till date was of 160 kg. There is a fact that makes Jaguar different from leopard and that is its tail. Jaguar has the shortest tail amongst all the big cats and its tail is of 18 to 30 in (45 to 75 cm). At the age of 2 year only female Jaguar reaches to the stage of sexual maturity whereas the male Jaguar reaches the stage of maturity at the age of three to four.

Alligator is a type of Crocodile that comes under crocodilian genus. Alligator is of two types one is American and another is Chinese. An adult American Alligator weigh around 790 lb. (360 kg). But the largest Alligator till date is of 14 ft with weight of 990lb (450 kg), Chinese alligators are comparatively smaller than the American Alligators. Chinese Alligators are of 6.9 ft (2.1m) in average and weighs around 45 kg. Alligators are found in America and China only. Chinese Alligator is listed in extremely endangered species and are now found in Yangtze River Valley only. American Alligators lives in clean and fresh water like rivers, ponds, lakes and etc.

Jaguar Vs Alligator Comparison



The fight between these two animals is unusual and both the animals are dangerous for each other. Mostly Jaguar is found dominating as it is an animal and Alligator is a reptile. Being a reptile Alligator can’t use its legs in the fight whereas Jaguar can do so. Both the animals bite really strongly and forcefully so that another get injured badly. As the American Alligators are huge in physic so sometimes it becomes dominating over Jaguar.4-jaguar-kills-caiman_71394_600x450

Like all the big cats Jaguar is also keen in attacking so chances winning is more for the Jaguar. The fight between Jaguar and Alligator is a fight of Jaws versus paws fight. Jaws are of the Alligators and Paws are of the Jaguar. Alligators are strong by their jaws and Jaguars can use their paws as well as jaws. It will be quite interesting to watch the fight between an animal and a reptile but few lucky people can evident this kind of fights.

Isn’t it amazing guys? Yeah, it is as fight between Jaguar and alligator is uncommon because both the animals are totally different by appearance, physic and habits. Fight between lion and hyena is common in forest but fight between Jaguar and Alligator is something new to know about. I hope this information regarding the fight of Jaguar and Alligator must have helped you out in knowing something different.

In America jaguar use to hunt alligators which means they are the predators and alligators are prey for them but competition become tuff when large alligator is there so at last I would say jaguar will win the fight against alligator.

There are many fights and facts about various animals those are still unknown for you all. We are just trying to make you aware of all these animals and their fights. If you have some extra information regarding any wild animal you can share it with us. Wildlife lovers are very much inclined towards every kind of activities of wild animals including their fights.

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