The First Baby Bison Has Been Born In A Canadian National Park For 140 Years

In some incredibly welcome good news, The first bison calves for 140 years have been born in Canada’s oldest national park.

Three calves have been born to one bison mother in the western province of Alberta.

Conservationists at Banff National Park say they hope that seven more calves will follow soon.



A herd of 16 bison, including ten pregnant females were successfully reintroduced to the park this February in a move to save the population.

Bison were hunted almost to extinction in 19th Century, so sad considering there used to be around 30 million in Canada alone.



Now only about a quarter of a million remain on government controlled land for conservation and on private farms to be bred for meat.

Banff’s resource conservation manager Bill Hunt told the BBC the females are ‘doing a great job’ and nursing well.

He said:

The bison moms know what they’re doing. Our staff are in the woods carefully hiding from the sidelines to see if everything’s going well.

The bison are being kept in soft-release enclosed pastures under observation until the summer of 2018.

There is hope for the bison populations in Banff yet!

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