Breaking: Father of Navy SEAL killed in Yemen raid calls for investigation

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The father of the Navy SEAL killed in a Yemen raid has called for an investigation, expressing anger at the White House and President Trump. reports: Bill Owens, the father of the Navy SEAL killed in a late-January raid in Yemen, leveled biting criticism at the White House and called for an investigation into his son’s death in a news story published Sunday. Owens took issue with the White House’s response, telling The Miami Herald, “Don’t hide behind my son’s death to prevent an investigation.” “I want an investigation. … The government owes my son an investigation,” he said. Sources told CNN that three military investigations of the raid are underway: one to look at civilian deaths, another to look at the crash landing of one of the aircraft involved, and a third to look into Owens’ killing, as is standard practice when there is a combat death. A White House official confirmed to CNN that there is an “ongoing DoD investigation” and anticipated it would take a few months, after which a redacted version of the findings will become publicly available under the Freedom of Information Act. Owens did not immediately return requests from CNN for comment on Sunday. The White House official who spoke with CNN said the mission was thoroughly vetted and planning had begun months before during the Obama administration. “There’s risks with every military op that you take,” the official said.

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