President Donald Trump has taken another bold step in his plan to drain the swamp. Patriots everywhere are likely cheering Trump’s latest executive order.

A five-year lobbying ban has been officially signed by President Trump. No longer can an administration staffer leave his or her post and begin raking in the dough lobbying to help a group or business further its agenda, via Breitbart.

“So this is a five year lobbying ban, and this is all of the people — most of the people standing behind me will not be able to go to work,” President Trump said after signing the lobbying ban order.

The president expressed his problems with the current law on the practice. “It’s a two year ban now, and it’s got full of loopholes, and this is a five year ban. So you have one last chance to get out.”

Donald Trump vowed to enact this ban while on the campaign trail. Hillary Clinton never uttered any plan to thwart top level staffers from leaving their posts and then using their powerful contacts to make tons of money — her Wall Street donors would have hated it.

President Trump’s five-year lobbying ban also places a lifetime ban on administration staff going to work lobbying for a foreign entity. A collective groan was likely heard throughout Washington upon realizing wining and dining Trump officials would never curry them favor after the 45th president leaves office.

Trump just redefined what it means to be a public servant. Positions of such importance should never be used as a stepping stone to share privileged information with the highest bidder.  READ MORE

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