LIBERATING ELDER – Anyone who has been paying attention to American politics for the last 20-30 years or so knows the county is at a tipping point.  The last 4 administrations have done all they can to sell the riches of the people out to the highest bidding special interest and used our bravest men as cannon fodder in order to sell weapons for the Military Industrial Complex.  The country is on the verge of financial and moral collapse.  Michelle Obama is right that Americans now know what it is like to feel hopeless .. or they did at least until the wee hours of Nov 9th when the world learned the American people had voted for their last opportunity to make America great again.

Trump has secured the electoral votes needed to be sworn in on January 20th so we are over the first hurtle.  But once Trump places his hand on the Bible and takes that sacred oath to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America the real challenge begins.  Taking the country back from the corrupt elite who have bought and/or blackmailed the vast majority of both sides of the isle in Washington DC.

Luckily The Donald has been blessed with an opportunity to change the political trajectory of the country the very moment he becomes our 45th President.  Upon taking the oath Trump will be given the power to assign 103 new Federal Court Judges to the bench, effectively immediately.  This is nearly twice the number of corrupt activist Marxist Judges Obama was able to appoint upon his entering office (54).

This is not the only major change Trump can make day one.  He also must nominate a Supreme Court Justice to replace Scalia who died under suspicious circumstances earlier this year.  Experts are suggesting that because of the age of the current Justices Trump may get to appoint as many as 4 Judges to the land’s highest bench.  This could easily be the biggest game changer in the modern history of American politics.  If the right men and woman are appointed to the bench this could change the course of the Republic, steering us away from the course of tyranny we are currently on.

There has been much talk about Justices Ginsburg, Bryer and Kennedy (all liberal leftists who believe the constitution is a ‘living document’ and can mean anything they want it to mean depending on the day)  retiring in the near future.  However, do not be surprised if these Judges hold on as long as they can in order to keep Trump for rescuing the Republic from their tyrannical Judicial Activism.

The appointing of Constitutional scholars to the countries highest court represents Trump’s greatest opportunity to leave a legacy of law and order for the country he has given up so much to lead.  We can only as that God give him the strength and wisdom to appoint the right patriots for the job.

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