LIBERATING ELDER – As his days in the White House come to an end Obama has completely uncloaked, revealing himself to all as the tyrant conservatives have long known him to be.

Voting to admonish our staunchest ally, Israel, in the United Nations is one thing, but the Israelis now say they can prove he has went even further than that. Israel’s Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, claims he has proof that it was Obama himself who orchestrated the UN move to crush the only Democracy in the Middle East where people of all faiths can live together in peace.

Netanyahu went on to say that he would present the proof of the attempt to railroad Israel by America’s most hated President in modern history to America’s last hope, Donald Trump.

Israel’s ambassador to the United States said Tuesday that the country will present “evidence” to President-elect Donald Trump that the Obama administration orchestrated an anti-settlement resolution at the United Nations Security Council on Friday. – TIMES OF ISRAEL

American Jews have long voted overwhelmingly for Democrat candidates.  This has been a mystery to many because Jews, as a group, have some of the highest rates of education in the world.  It seems out of character for so many of them to willingly vote for Democrats whose platforms are antithetical to their own interests and frankly it’s just plain stupid of them to do so.

In his tenure as imposter in chief, Obama has laundered BILLIONS of dollars to the barbarous Iranian regime, bolstered their nuclear program while Iran simultaneously calls for the eradication of Israel from the map.  Obama has funded and supported ISIS’ & The Muslim Brotherhood’s take over of the Middle East and Northern Africa at the same time marginalizing Israel and disrespecting its leaders.  All the while ‘progressive’ American Jews have cheered the President on, throwing lavish fund raisers in his honor.

Trump’s election as President is begining to more and more look like Devine intervention by God himself seeking to save the world once again from the barbaric Islamic Hordes lead by ISIS &  Obama and their quest for a global Caliphate.

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