LIBERATING ELDER – Standing in stark contrast with the Obama’s and their open distain for Christ, Christmas, Christians and especially Jews, the Trump’s make no apologies for their love of Christmas and those who celebrate it.  This was evidenced over the weekend by the images Ivanka Trump proudly posted on her social media accounts of her family celebrating both Christmas and Chanukah.

Daily Mail reports that Ivanka, her 3 children and her husband, Jared Kushner, are enjoying the holidays while staying at the Four Seasons Resort Hualalai in Hawaii.  After a grueling campaign in which both Ivanka and Jared played key roles in the success of her father’s accent to the Presidency the family is taking some much deserved vacation in the sun.

Sunday Ivanka and company posted a photo of the family enjoying time together while celebrating all they have to be thankful for.  The family celebrates both Christmas and Hanukah. While Ivanka was raised a Christian, she chose to  convert to Judaism upon marrying Kushner, and the pair have chosen to celebrate the holidays of both faiths, something common among mixed faith families across the United States.

“This year is one of the rare and special occasions where Hanukkah and Christmas coincide,” Ivanka posted along with the photo. “As we light the candles, sending love from our family to yours this holiday season! Merry Christmas & Happy Hanukkah!”

The Obama’s are also on vacation in Hawaii.  The difference is Jared and Ivanka are paying for their own vacation where as the Obama’s are continuing to add to the $85,000,000 they have spent on vacations using the taxpayers money over the course of their tyranical rule.

Liberals will pick apart anything the Trump’s do because, well, because they are miserable people who can not stand to see other happy, it’s just their nature.  If you support Ivanka and are proud to have her and her family representing our country please share this article on Facebook.  Merry Christmas and Happy Chanukah!

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